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The Tiddalik Bag Kit – Shiralee Stitches Design


The Tiddalik Bag is a quick project, created by Sandy, from a beautiful new Dutch Heritage border print. It is all machine sewn (except for hand stitching the lining and bind).

It was created because Sandy  had wanted a little bag to carry a small amount of hand sewing to an appointment or for car sewing, but one which wouldn’t tip all the contents out if it fell over, and one which could be used as a sewing surface on your lap as well.

Named the Tiddalik Bag as the bag top does resemble the wide mouth of a frog, and we have just come out of a long drought locally, so the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of Tiddalik the Frog and the drought ending, is very timely. If you aren’t familiar with the story Google it….it’s very interesting.

Choose from Blue, Yellow or Pink binding/lining for your kit…….I can’t decide which I like best. Both sides of the bag differ… flowers on one side and blue on the other, with yellow flowers on each side.

Kit includes the pattern and the fabric for the bag….you will need to supply a zipper and some cotton wadding off-cuts.

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